At the beginning of 2015 it has been posible to collaborate in new projects for the african continent through the supply of electrical cabinets for two water treatment plants.

Zambia y Ruanda

With the first project located in Mansa (Zambia) Somfer develops two control panels for two Potable Water Treatment Stations. In this project is developed a detailed engineering and controled by wired logic. The project ends with the start-up carried out by Somfer’s staff in Mansa.

In Rwanda Project, it has been developed two control cabinets for one water treatment plant. This plant is governed for a control cabinet through PLC and tactil screen. This cabinet, that provides electricity to all equips of the plant, also provide electricity to a small electrical cabinet for the operation of electrical equipment that are situated few meters far from the water treatment plant that in turn is comunicated and governed by the PLC.



Somfer has developed the control engineering and the assembly of the electrical cabinet to make the automation for a water treatment plant located in Lleida.


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